Published on July 11, 2017 4:42 pm

Bottom-ager Bailey Smith had 32 disposals for the Sandringham Dragons in Round 12

STATS CENTRAL: The future is now

The future looks bright for the Oakleigh Chargers, Sandringham Dragons and Dandenong Stingrays after they all went through the mid-season trio of ‘Futures’ Rounds undefeated.

See below the TAC Cup ladder only taking into account performances from Rounds 10-12, when clubs were required to field a minimum of 11 players who aren’t draft eligible until at least 2018:

Oakleigh Chargers                   3-0                  334.4%

Sandringham Dragons           3-0                  181.0%

Dandenong Stingrays             3-0                  155.5%

Murray Bushrangers             2-1                  109.6%

Northern Knights                          1-1-1            66.0%

Geelong Falcons                           1-2               83.6%

Calder Cannons                            1-2               83.0%

Eastern Ranges                            1-2               81.9%          

Western Jets                               1-2               76.9%

Gippsland Power                          1-2               68.4%

GWV Rebels                                0-2-1            77.2%

Bendigo Pioneers                         0-3               62.9%

The Chargers recorded three big victories in the Futures Rounds, defeating Northern by 84 points, Gippsland by 101 points and then Geelong by 40 points. Bottom-agers Lachlan Bugeja and Isaac Quaynor were named in Oakleigh’s best players on multiple occasions in that time, while fellow 17-year-old Daniel Scala kicked four goals.

The Dragons prevailed over Calder by 35 points, Geelong by 49 points and then Gippsland by one point in a last-minute thriller. NAB AFL Academy key-position player Max King booted the deciding goal against the Power and fellow bottom-ager Bailey Smith found plenty of the ball in Rounds 11 and 12.

Meanwhile, the Stingrays are now on a five-match winning streak after accounting for Murray by two points, Western by 76 points and then Calder by 23 points through the Futures Rounds. William Hamill and Riley Bowman were bottom-age players to be named in Dandenong’s best players on multiple occasions during that time.

While not a guarantee that the 2018 season will pan out for these clubs as well as 2017 has for them so far, the performance of their developing players in the absence of high-end talent participating at the NAB AFL U18 Championships is a good sign for the future.


Round 12 keys to victory:

5: Jackson Ross just about proved to be the difference in Eastern’s 25-point defeat of the GWV Rebels. The 192cm Old Haileybury junior produced an all-round performance for the Ranges, kicking five goals straight and recording team-highs of 23 disposals, seven marks, six tackles and five clearances, as well as five inside-50s.

9: Northern’s ability to restrict Bendigo’s scoring ability was crucial in its 15-point win. The Knights kicked nine goals from 35 inside-50s (26 per cent efficiency) while holding the Pioneers to six goals from 50 entries (12 per cent), with Lower Plenty junior Daniel Iozzi a defensive wall in recording a game-high nine rebound-50s for the victors.

103: Sandringham nearly didn’t capitalise on its dominance outside the contests in a one-point triumph over Gippsland. Despite tough conditions, the Dragons recorded 103 more uncontested possessions than the Power, led by East Malvern bottom-ager Bailey Smith (20) and De La Salle junior Geordie Nagle (17).


Round 12 stats leaders:

Marcus Lentini Northern Knights 20
Ben Caluzzi Calder Cannons 19
Angus Hicks Murray Bushrangers 19
Geordie Nagle Sandringham Dragons 19
Jackson Ross Eastern Ranges 18
Cooper Stephens Geelong Falcons 18
Alfie Jarnestrom Sandringham Dragons 18
Laine Fitzgerald Bendigo Pioneers 17
Matt Harvey Bendigo Pioneers 17
Caleb Sheahan Bendigo Pioneers 17
Christian Farchione Northern Knights 17
Nathan Murphy Sandringham Dragons 17
Brad Bernacki Calder Cannons 16
Jamie Plumridge Dandenong Stingrays 16
Mackenzie Doreian Eastern Ranges 16
Bailey Smith Sandringham Dragons 20
Darby Henderson Bendigo Pioneers 19
Marcus Lentini Northern Knights 17
Max Dreher Northern Knights 15
Ali Zijai Dandenong Stingrays 15
Laine Fitzgerald Bendigo Pioneers 14
Will Walker Sandringham Dragons 14
Edward McHenry Geelong Falcons 14
Ethan Phillips Oakleigh Chargers 14
Angus Hicks Murray Bushrangers 13
Joseph Ayton-Delaney Oakleigh Chargers 13
Jaden Rice Western Jets 13
Mitchell Kemp Bendigo Pioneers 12
Kyle Clarke Murray Bushrangers 12
Mitch Cotter Dandenong Stingrays 12
Laine Fitzgerald Bendigo Pioneers 13
Matt Harvey Bendigo Pioneers 12
Marcus Lentini Northern Knights 11
Charlie Whitehead Oakleigh Chargers 11
Lachlan Young Dandenong Stingrays 10
Isaac Quaynor Oakleigh Chargers 9
Matthew Warren Oakleigh Chargers 9
Christian Farchione Northern Knights 8
Jacob Atley Bendigo Pioneers 8
Ethan Phillips Oakleigh Chargers 7
Kyle Clarke Murray Bushrangers 7
Louis Cunningham Oakleigh Chargers 7
Jackson Ross Eastern Ranges 7
Harrison Nolan Eastern Ranges 7
Ed Richards Oakleigh Chargers 7
Ned Reeves Oakleigh Chargers 42
Tylar Watts GWV Rebels 29
Darren Walters Western Jets 28
Bailey Schmidt Dandenong Stingrays 25
Joel Amartey Sandringham Dragons 25
Matthew Volkanovski Western Jets 24
Mark Marriot Murray Bushrangers 22
Tyler Steele Eastern Ranges 21
James Rendell Sandringham Dragons 20
Riley Bowman Dandenong Stingrays 19
Matthew Harman Northern Knights 16
Jobee Warde Bendigo Pioneers 15
Lukas Essenwanger GWV Rebels 15
Blake Schlensog Geelong Falcons 14
Rylan Henkel Gippsland Power 14
Callum Porter Gippsland Power 14
Ali Zijai Dandenong Stingrays 12
Trent Reed GWV Rebels 12
Daniel Bond Murray Bushrangers 11
Jai Taylor Dandenong Stingrays 11
Bailey Smith Sandringham Dragons 10
Brad Bernacki Calder Cannons 10
Kim Drew Gippsland Power 10
Mohammed Moustafa Calder Cannons 10
David Smith Murray Bushrangers 10
Geordie Nagle Sandringham Dragons 9
Sebastian Williams Sandringham Dragons 9
Angus Hicks Murray Bushrangers 9
Riley Ham Western Jets 9
Quintin Montanaro Sandringham Dragons 9
Toby Wooller Oakleigh Chargers VIC 28
Daniel Johnston Murray Bushrangers 1 26
Gryan Miers Geelong Falcons VIC 24
Riley D’Arcy Dandenong Stingrays 1 23
Daniel Stanford Oakleigh Chargers 2 22
Adam Garner Geelong Falcons _ 20
Aaron Trusler Sandringham Dragons DNP 20
Will Stephenson Gippsland Power _ 18
Jordan Johnston GWV Rebels 2 17
Jessy Wilson Murray Bushrangers _ 16

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