Published on October 4, 2018 3:21 pm

AFL W Combine results

TAC Cup Girls players dominated the testing at the 2018 AFL Women’s Combine,

Victorian players led all seven tests, with Geelong Falcons Nina Morrison, Eastern Ranges Emerson Woods and Gippsland Powers Tyla Hanks also claiming Combine records across the two days.

Morrison set new times for the Yo Yo test and 2km, while Woods set the best 20 metre sprint time and Hanks the best agility test time.

See below the top results in each test.


Standing vertical jump
Charlotte Wilson (Eastern Ranges): 56cm
Rebecca Webster (Murray Bushrangers): 54
Sophie Van De Heuvel (GWV Rebels): 54
Georgia Clarke (GWV Rebels): 52
Emerson Woods (Eastern Ranges ): 50
Nina Morrison (Geelong Falcons): 50
Rene Caris (GWV Rebels): 50

Running vertical jump (right):
Rebecca Webster (Murray Bushrangers): 63cm
Charlotte Wilson (Eastern Ranges): 62
Rene Caris (GWV Rebels): 61
Lauren Bella (Qld): 59
Nina Morrison (Geelong Falcons): 59

Running vertical jump (left):
Sophie Van De Heuvel (GWV Rebels): 70cm
Charlotte Wilson (Eastern Ranges): 68
Nina Morrison (Geelong Falcons): 66
Lauren Bella (Qld): 65
Rebecca Webster (Murray Bushrangers): 65

20-metre sprint:
Emerson Woods (Eastern Ranges): 3.129 seconds*
Sophie Van De Heuvel (GWV Rebels): 3.232
Charlotte Wilson (Eastern Ranges): 3.242
Madeline Brancatisano (Northern Knights): 3.290
Libby Haines (Tas): 3.299

Tyla Hanks (Gippsland Power): 8.788*
Olivia Purcell (Geelong Falcons): 8.809
Emerson Woods (Eastern Ranges): 8.859
Nina Morrison (Geelong Falcons): 8.878
Jordyn Allen (Dandenong Stingrays): 8.891

Nina Morrison (Geelong Falcons): 18.1*
Emerson Woods (Eastern Ranges): 16.7
Charlotte Wilson (Eastern Ranges): 16.5
Lauren Butler (GWV Rebels): 16.3
Tyla Hanks (Gippsland Power): 16.2

2km time trial:
Nina Morrison (Geelong Falcons): 7:14*
Eleanor Brown (Sandringham Dragons): 7:29
Emerson Woods (Eastern Ranges): 7:39
Libby Haines (Tas): 7:51
Lauren Butler (GWV Rebels): 7:52


*Combine record

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