Published on May 8, 2018 4:24 pm

AFL W U18 squads announced

The initial squads and coaches for AFL Victoria’s Vic Country and Vic Metro teams for the 2018 NAB AFL Women’s U18 Championships have been announced.

Eastern Ranges are the best represented region with eight players selected, followed by Geelong Falcons, GWV Rebels with seven, Dandenong Stingrays, Calder Cannons, Oakleigh Chargers, Northern Knights, Sandringham Dragons with six, Bendigo Pioneers, Gippsland Power, Murray Bushrangers with four each and Western Jets with three.

The Country and Metro squads will first come together for training after the completion of the TAC Cup Girls season, meeting at IKON Park on Sunday May 20 before another session at Windy Hill on Sunday June 3.

Country and Metro will meet at both U18 and U16 level on Saturday June 16 at GMHBA Stadium in Geelong, before the remaining NAB AFL Women’s U18 Championships fixtures will be played on the Gold Coast, with Country and Metro playing in three games across Monday July 9, Wednesday July 11 and Friday July 13.

As well as the squads, the coaching panels have been announced for the upcoming NAB AFL Women’s U18 Championships, with a number of experienced TAC Cup Girls coaches and AFL W players part of the panels for 2018.

Murray Bushrangers Sam Ahmet and Eastern Ranges Tom Humphrey have been named as the Vic Country and Vic Metro coaches respectively, and will have the following assistants: Country – Jason Armistead (Geelong Falcons), Natalie Wood (former Darebin player and current Geelong VFL W assistant coach), Metro – Marcus Abney-Hastings (Northern Knights), Paul Tilley (Calder Cannons).

AFL Victoria Female Talent Manager Darren Flanigan said It is pleasing to have a number of current TAC Cup Girls head coaches overseeing the U18 teams.

“Both Sam and Tom have good knowledge of the competition and the players within it,” Flanigan said.

“We have been able to attract strong assistant coaching staff as well, which the players will benefit from.

“The Academy program provides players with the perfect opportunity to test themselves against the best players at this level, and start to showcase their capabilities to recruiters for the upcoming AFL W draft later in the year.

“Draftees such as Darcy Guttridge, Eden Zanker, Bridie Kennedy and Maddy Guerin all performed well at the 2017 championships, which certainly helped their draft chances later in the year.

“It is a great learning experience to be part of the U18 Academy program, learning from other players and coaches in the competition.”

At a U16 level, players selected will benefit from being mentored by current and former AFL W and VFL W players Melissa Hickey (Melbourne / Darebin), Emma Grant (Collingwood), Katherine Smith (Melbourne) and Lauren Morecroft (Essendon VFLW).

“The ability of these players to provide their time will only benefit the those selected in our program,” Flanigan said.

“Playing at the highest level possible, they will be able to share their experiences from the various levels of the female talent pathway, and help educate and develop these players to be ready to take the next step with their football.

The championships will begin June, with list reductions made in the lead-up to the first game.


June 16 – Vic Country vs Vic Metro at GMHBA Stadium, Geelong

July 9, 11, 13 – Vic Country, Vic Metro, WA, Queensland, Eastern Allies (NSW/ACT & Tas), Central Allies (SA & NT)


June 10 – Vic M v SA in Horsham & Vic C v NSW/ACT in Albury

June 16 – Vic Country vs Vic Metro at GMHBA Stadium, Geelong

*U16 squads will be released on Wednesday



Name Height DOB Club
Kate Douglas 171 19/7/2001 Bendigo Pioneers
Kodi Jacques 163 27/9/2000 Bendigo Pioneers
Maddi Baldwin 173 3/12/2001 Bendigo Pioneers
Megan Williamson 158 3/2/2000 Bendigo Pioneers
Courtney Jones 168 10/9/2000 Dandenong Stingrays
Isabella Shannon 169 30/6/2001 Dandenong Stingrays
Jordyn Allen 174 6/7/2000 Dandenong Stingrays
Lucinda Cripps 175 6/12/2001 Dandenong Stingrays
Molly McDonald 167 4/5/2001 Dandenong Stingrays
Shelley Heath 160 3/5/2000 Dandenong Stingrays
Abbey Chapman 172 15/4/2001 Geelong Falcons
Denby Taylor 170 16/2/2000 Geelong Falcons
Lucy McEvoy 172 13/5/2001 Geelong Falcons
Nina Morrison 167 13/12/2000 Geelong Falcons
Olivia Purcell 161 5/9/2000 Geelong Falcons
Tarryn Love 165 3/8/2000 Geelong Falcons
Zoe Inei 184 17/10/2000 Geelong Falcons
Amy Dunn 180 31/10/2000 Gippsland Power
Emily Hausler 163 28/9/2000 Gippsland Power
Nikia Webber 169 29/8/2001 Gippsland Power
Tyla Hanks 157 15/2/2000 Gippsland Power
Ella Wood 164 14/2/2001 Greater Western Victoria Rebels
Georgia Clarke 177 23/6/2000 Greater Western Victoria Rebels
Lauren Butler 170 20/11/2000 Greater Western Victoria Rebels
Nyakoat Dojiok 180 7/1/2001 Greater Western Victoria Rebels
Rene Caris 184 18/3/1999 Greater Western Victoria Rebels
Sophie Molan 176 24/3/2001 Greater Western Victoria Rebels
Sophie Van De Huevel 171 10/12/2000 Greater Western Victoria Rebels
Bec Webster 172 22/10/2000 Murray Bushrangers
Julia Harvey 164 28/4/2000 Murray Bushrangers
Millie Brown 176 15/1/2001 Murray Bushrangers
Tamara Smith 161 5/6/2000 Murray Bushrangers
Name Height DOB Club
Carla Rendelmann 182 4/9/2000 Calder Cannons
Felicity Theodore 159 14/3/2001 Calder Cannons
Georgia Patrikios 171 30/3/2001 Calder Cannons
Grace Dicker 167 17/1/2001 Calder Cannons
Maddy Prespakis 164 2/11/2000 Calder Cannons
Molly Warburton 170 10/8/2000 Calder Cannons
Charlotte Wilson 177 29/12/2000 Eastern Ranges
Emmerson Woods 171 12/7/2000 Eastern Ranges
Gabbi De Angelis 155 17/11/2000 Eastern Ranges
Georgia McPherson 173 21/2/2000 Eastern Ranges
Jenna Richardson 169 16/10/2001 Eastern Ranges
Laura McClelland 175 3/7/2001 Eastern Ranges
Lauren Szigeti 162 28/2/2000 Eastern Ranges
Mikayla Cann 173 4/11/2000 Eastern Ranges
Sarah Kendall 178 8/1/2000 Eastern Ranges
Britney Gutknecht 167 20/4/2001 Northern Knights
Gabbi Newton 178 31/8/2001 Northern Knights
Maddy Brancatisano 169 5/9/2000 Northern Knights
Marnie Jarvis 160 3/5/2000 Northern Knights
Neve O’Connor 183 23/4/2000 Northern Knights
Sarah Sansonetti 173 2/8/2001 Northern Knights
Bridie Winbanks 184 27/9/2000 Oakleigh Chargers
Daisy Bateman 166 20/2/2000 Oakleigh Chargers
Gemma Lagioia 160 3/5/2001 Oakleigh Chargers
Hannah McLaren 176 10/5/2000 Oakleigh Chargers
Katie Lynch 179 6/4/2000 Oakleigh Chargers
Nicola Xenos 161 8/3/2001 Oakleigh Chargers
Abbie McKay 171 15/11/2000 Sandringham Dragons
Eleanor Brown 176 20/1/2000 Sandringham Dragons
Holly Bate 180 6/1/2000 Sandringham Dragons
Jasmine Tait 165 22/3/2000 Sandringham Dragons
Jemma Owen 165 20/7/2000 Sandringham Dragons
Molly Denahy Moloney 175 25/2/2001 Sandringham Dragons
Cleo Saxon-Jones 181 4/11/2001 Western Jets
Elizabeth Georgiostathis 162 17/10/2001 Western Jets
Isabella Grant 176 21/9/2001 Western Jets

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