Published on June 28, 2017 8:51 pm


The AFL Victoria Vic Country and Vic Metro squads for the continuation of the NAB AFL Women’s U18 Championships on the Gold Coast from July 10 have been finalised.

After Country’s 27-point win over Metro in Round 1 of the Championships at Simonds Stadium, both squads have been reduced from 35 to 24, plus emergencies, for the remaining three games.

Vic Country – led by Diamond Creek Swisse Wellness VFL Women’s senior coach and Carlton AFL W assistant Scott Gowans – is best represented by TAC Cup Girls runners up Murray Bushrangers and Dandenong Stingrays with six players named in squad, followed by Geelong Falcons with four, Greater Western Victoria Rebels and Gippsland Power with three and Bendigo Pioneers with two.

Andrew Shakespeare – Box Hill Hawks Development League coach and former Northern Knights TAC Cup mentor – will lead Vic Metro, with TAC Cup Girls premiers Calder Cannons and Eastern Ranges the best represented sides with seven players named in the final squad. This is followed by Northern Knights and Sandringham Dragons with four and Western Jets and Oakleigh Chargers with one.

See below the fixture and the final teams:

Monday, July 10 
10am Queensland v Vic Country  
1.30pm Vic Metro v Western Australia

Bond University

Wednesday, July 12   
10am Queensland v Vic Metro 
11.40am Vic Country v NSW/ACT

Broadbeach Football Club

Friday, July 14   
10am Vic Metro v NSW/ACT
11.40am Vic Country v Western Australia

Broadbeach Football Club 

2 Patrikios Georgia 30-Mar-01 165 Calder Cannons
3 Brancatisano Madeline 05-Sep-00 167 Northern Knights
4 Caruso Lauren 19-Nov-99 161 Calder Cannons
6 Warburton Molly 10-Aug-00 166 Calder Cannons
7 Jansen Chelsea 16-Sep-00 161 Western Jets
8 Dargan Sarah 03-Feb-99 162 Calder Cannons
9 Quintal Isabel 11-Mar-99 168 Sandringham Dragons
10 Vesely Olivia 06-Dec-99 165 Sandringham Dragons
11 Cornish Eleanor 12-Jan-00 175 Calder Cannons
12 Brown Eleanor 21-Jan-00 176 Sandringham Dragons
13 Woods Emerson 12-Jul-00 171 Eastern Ranges
14 Kendall Sarah 08-Jan-00 181 Eastern Ranges
15 MacPherson Georgia 21-Feb-00 173 Eastern Ranges
16 Rendelmann Carla 04-Sep-00 182 Calder Cannons
17 Wilson Charlotte 29-Dec-00 177 Eastern Ranges
19 McLelland Laura 03-Jul-01 174 Eastern Ranges
21 Newton Gabrielle 31-Aug-01 175 Northern Knights
23 O’Connor Neve 23-Apr-00 184 Northern Knights
24 McLaren Hannah 10-May-00 175 Oakleigh Chargers
26 Prespakis Madison 02-Nov-00 160 Calder Cannons
28 Flanagan Olivia 10-Mar-99 171 Eastern Ranges
29 Ricardo Georgia 09-Jul-99 166 Sandringham Dragons
30 Guerin Maddy 25-Oct-99 170 Northern Knights
32 Price Belle 28-Dec-99 172 Eastern Ranges
E 18 Rothfield Sophia 20-Apr-01 170 Sandringham Dragons
E 20 Saxon-Jones Cleo 04-Nov-01 176 Western Jets
E 27 Grant Isabella 21-Sep-01 174 Western Jets
4 Tupper Aisling 10-Jun-99 157 Bendigo Pioneers
5 Gee Georgia 28-Oct-99 157 Dandenong Stingrays
6 Whitford Holly 11-Feb-99 163 Gippsland Power
7 Clayton Ruby 19-Oct-99 162 Dandenong Stingrays
8 Favaro Abby 17-Feb-99 170 Murray Bushrangers
9 Ross Iilish 21-Jun-99 168 Murray Bushrangers
10 Kennedy Bridie 23-Sep-99 172 Dandenong Stingrays
11 Hanks Tyla 15-Feb-00 156 Gippsland Power
12 Taylor Denby 16-Feb-00 170 Geelong Falcons
13 Allen Jordyn 06-Jul-00 173 Dandenong Stingrays
14 Guttridge Darcy 30-Oct-99 169 Gippsland Power
15 Zanker Eden 11-Nov-99 182 Bendigo Pioneers
17 Egan Grace 01-Jun-00 172 Murray Bushrangers
18 Clarke Georgia 23-Jun-00 176 GWV Rebels
19 Struylaart Brooke 04-Jul-00 164 Dandenong Stingrays
22 Damon Sophie 02-Nov-00 173 Murray Bushrangers
23 Webster Rebecca 22-Oct-00 164 Murray Bushrangers
26 Purcell Olivia 05-Sep-00 160 Geelong Falcons
27 Jones Courtney 10-Sep-00 164 Dandenong Stingrays
29 van de Huevel Sophie 10-Dec-00 171 GWV Rebels
30 Morrison Nina 13-Dec-00 165 Geelong Falcons
31 Brown Millie 15-Jan-01 160 Murray Bushrangers
32 McEvoy Lucy 13-May-01 172 Geelong Falcons
33 Caris Rene 18-Mar-99 184 GWV Rebels
E 1 Phillips Sophie 30-Jul-99 163 Dandenong Stingrays
E 3 Chessor Ada 15-May-00 166 Murray Bushrangers
E 20 Butler Lauren 20-Nov-00 170 GWV Rebels
E 21 Dunn Amy 31-Oct-00 177 Gippsland Powers

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