Published on September 19, 2017 9:55 pm

Bailey Smith of the Sandringham Dragons (L) and Cooper Stephens of the Geelong Falcons

STATS CENTRAL: September success, pt 2

Stats Central this week looks at the key stats that helped teams to victory in the TAC Cup Preliminary Finals.




In a match in which not much separated the teams on either the stats sheet or the scoreboard, Sandringham’s willingness to use the ball by foot may have proved the difference.

The Dragons had only one more disposal than Oakleigh but recorded 32 more kicks – and subsequently took 39 more marks. Their leading kick-getters Andrew Brayshaw (a game-high 16 kicks), Quintin Montanaro (15), Sebastian Williams (12), Angus Styles (12), Bailey Smith (12) and Alfie Jarnestrom (12) had no hesitation in putting it on the boot to help their team keep possession. It also helped that their tall targets were dominant in the air, Sandringham taking 12 more contested marks than the Chargers with Max King (three contested marks), Kai Owens (two) and Hayden McLean (two) providing outlets forward of the ball and Max’s twin brother Ben King (four) proving a big wall to overcome in defence.

Oakleigh’s relatively high handball usage may have been influenced by the pressure applied by the Dragons, who won the tackle count 69-59 with Jarnestrom (eight tackles), Brayshaw (seven) and Lachlan Harris (five) leading the way.




Geelong dominated possession against the Stingrays, winning the ball in the contests and then – after a sloppy first half – holding onto it effectively enough to kick six more majors from just one more inside-50 entry.

The Falcons won the contested possession count by 23 and the clearance count by five, with 200cm Dane Hollenkamp (12 contested possessions and eight clearances) leading the way in close ahead of hard-nuts Harry Benson (12 and five), Cassidy Parish (12 and four) and James Worpel (10 and four). Their work allowed teammates to control proceedings on the outside of the contest, with Geelong racking up 71 more uncontested possessions than Dandenong. Parish topped the stats sheet in this regard with 22 uncontested possessions along with Cooper Stephens and Ethan Floyd, while Edward McHenry (20 uncontested possessions) and Sam Walsh (19) also found plenty of the ball in space.

With time to think about their inside-50 entries, the Falcons gifted their slippery forwards with strong scoring opportunities – and Gryan Miers (three goals), Lachlan Noble (three), David Handley (two) and Mitch Chafer (two) took advantage.


Preliminary Finals stats leaders:

James Worpel Geelong Falcons 18
Ethan Floyd Geelong Falcons 17
Hunter Clark Dandenong Stingrays 16
Edward McHenry Geelong Falcons 16
Andrew Brayshaw Sandringham Dragons 16
Cooper Stephens Geelong Falcons 15
Quintin Montanaro Sandringham Dragons 15
Bailey Morrish Dandenong Stingrays 13
Harry Benson Geelong Falcons 13
Riley Jones Oakleigh Chargers 13
Mason De Wit Dandenong Stingrays 12
Tom Murphy Dandenong Stingrays 12
David Handley Geelong Falcons 12
Cassidy Parish Geelong Falcons 12
Alfred Jarnestrom Sandringham Dragons 12
Cassidy Parish Geelong Falcons 21
Jack Roughsedge Oakleigh Chargers 16
Cooper Stephens Geelong Falcons 15
Samuel Walsh Geelong Falcons 15
Luke Stacker Oakleigh Chargers 14
Harry Benson Geelong Falcons 13
Dane Hollenkamp Geelong Falcons 13
Matthew King Oakleigh Chargers 12
Geordie Nagle Sandringham Dragons 12
Luke Davies-Uniacke Dandenong Stingrays 12
Jack Henderson Geelong Falcons 12
Ethan Floyd Geelong Falcons 11
Xavier O’Neill Oakleigh Chargers 11
Sebastian Williams Sandringham Dragons 10
Charlie Thompson Oakleigh Chargers 10
Ben King Sandringham Dragons 10
Bailey Morrish Dandenong Stingrays 10
Edward McHenry Geelong Falcons 9
Tom McCartin Geelong Falcons 8
Cooper Stephens Geelong Falcons 7
Jack Henderson Geelong Falcons 7
Howie Persson Sandringham Dragons 7
Joshua Jaska Geelong Falcons 7
Quintin Montanaro Sandringham Dragons 7
Alfred Jarnestrom Sandringham Dragons 7
Harry Benson Geelong Falcons 6
Hunter Clark Dandenong Stingrays 6
Jackson Hille Sandringham Dragons 6
Will Walker Sandringham Dragons 6
Angus Paterson Dandenong Stingrays 6
Ned Reeves Oakleigh Chargers 30
Joel Amartey Sandringham Dragons 27
Bailey Williams Dandenong Stingrays 22
Riley Bowman Dandenong Stingrays 20
Max King Sandringham Dragons 13
Haydyn McLean Sandringham Dragons 9
Dane Hollenkamp Geelong Falcons 9
Sam Conway Geelong Falcons 9
Hugh Longbottom Oakleigh Chargers 4
Ben King Sandringham Dragons 1
Alfred Jarnestrom Sandringham Dragons 8
Aiden Bonar Dandenong Stingrays 8
Riley Bowman Dandenong Stingrays 7
Andrew Brayshaw Sandringham Dragons 7
Luke Davies-Uniacke Dandenong Stingrays 6
James Worpel Geelong Falcons 6
Tom Freeman Dandenong Stingrays 6
Jack Hewitt Oakleigh Chargers 6
Matthew Rowell Oakleigh Chargers 5
Lachlan Harris Sandringham Dragons 5
Matthew Warren Oakleigh Chargers 5
Joel Amartey Sandringham Dragons 4
Daniel Stanford Oakleigh Chargers 4
Howie Persson Sandringham Dragons 4
Harry Benson Geelong Falcons 4
Daniel Johnston Murray Bushrangers DNP 44
Gryan Miers Geelong Falcons 3 43
Toby Wooller Oakleigh Chargers INJ 43
Riley D’Arcy Dandenong Stingrays 1 39
Adam Garner Geelong Falcons _ 34
Aaron Trusler Sandringham Dragons 2 34
Lachlan Noble Geelong Falcons 3 33
Jack Higgins Oakleigh Chargers 2 31
Jai Nanscawen Dandenong Stingrays 1 29
Daniel Stanford Oakleigh Chargers _ 28

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