Published on September 21, 2017 8:35 pm

TEAMS: TAC Cup Grand Final

See the teams for the 2017 TAC Cup Grand Final. The teams – Geelong Falcons and Sandringham Dragons – will meet this Sunday night at 7.35pm at Etihad Stadium. The game will be broadcast on FOX Footy, SEN and TAC Cup Radio.



Geelong Falcons v Sandringham Dragons

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Congratulations to the umpires selected this Sunday:

Field umpire: Nick Jankovski (27)

Field umpire: Michael Pell (26)

Field umpire: Nathan Toner (24)

Emg field umpire: Nick Jankovskis

Boundary umpire: Simon Blight

Boundary umpire: Luke Wilke

Boundary umpire: Sam Stagg

Boundary umpire: John Cooper

Goal umpire: Christopher Doyle

Goal umpire: Paul Trotter

Emg goal umpire: John Varker

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